Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin

Still sick today, so nothing too exciting.  We did manage to go to Maccas for brekkie and then I stayed in the car while Col satisfied his shopping addiction and went to Bunnings, Jaycar and Supercheap Auto.  We also spent the day doing some goal planning which was really beneficial. Continue reading “Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 203 – 4th August 2018 – Darwin

Col and I were invited to go fishing at Shady Camp with KD, Col’s Boss, and Hal who is a work colleague of Col’s.  We took the boat and swung past Hal’s house to pick up KD and Hal and then do the two and a half hour drive to Shady Camp.

After my traumatic experience at Dundee Beach backing the boat down the ramp (or not backing it down the ramp), I was determined to get some practice before being put in that sort of situation again.  So I volunteered to back the boat down the ramp as there were not many people around that day.  Keep in mind though that Shady Camp has the highest concentration of Salt Water Crocs anywhere in Australia!  So I was a little nervous getting into the boat.  Hal waited with me in case I needed any help, but it all went pretty smoothly and I backed the boat down the ramp on my own without any issues.  I was the only one on the ramp though which helps.  Hal and I then quickly scrambled into the boat without getting eaten by a Croc and we headed off to explore the Mary River with the hope of catching some big Barra.  This is actually a bucket list item for Col.  Shady Camp is an iconic Australian Fishing spot, and catching a big Barra is the icing on the cake. Continue reading “Day 203 – 4th August 2018 – Darwin”

Day 141 – 3rd June 2018 – Broome

Just another day in Paradise for Col and I.  We both feel like we need some R&R time so will be using the time in Broome just to catch our breath before the next leg of the journey.

The wind was not going to make fishing easy or enjoyable today, so we stayed around the park.  Col worked on finishing some more videos, here is a look at the camps that we have stayed in while travelling around Southern Western Australia.  It is amazing to me that these have all been on this one trip so far.  The time is flying along and we have been to so many beautiful and amazing places and are only half way through this journey. Continue reading “Day 141 – 3rd June 2018 – Broome”

Day 140 – 2nd June 2018 – Broome

Had an easy day today.  We went to the shops and had a bit of a drive around town. Col worked on videos while I update the blog.  We made some calls to home and did a whole lot of chillaxing.  We had hoped to go fishing tomorrow but the wind does not look like it will be suitable, so might be another quiet one around the park.  Not that I am complaining. Continue reading “Day 140 – 2nd June 2018 – Broome”

Day 64 – 18th March 2018 – Denmark

Col worked on preparing another video today.  This is of our fishing trip at Walpole, the inlets were so beautiful.  Col accidentally snagged a stingray too, then after setting it free a much bigger stingray came up to the boat and we decided to pack up and move as we really did not want to catch that one!  It might have dragged us along for a ride I think.

Continue reading “Day 64 – 18th March 2018 – Denmark”

Day 62 – 16th March 2018 – Denmark

Just a quiet one around the caravan park today, taking it easy.  More Cross Stitch (sorry Tania), and Col worked on his videos.  I did follow up with the insurance company and unfortunately we have it confirmed that the annex is not covered under those circumstances.  Oh well, time to dust ourselves off and move on.  We have already started investigating our plan B. Continue reading “Day 62 – 16th March 2018 – Denmark”

Day 56 – 10th March 2018 – Boranup (Cheese Factory)

Haim and I decided to make some paper helicopters and paper planes this morning.  It was a big hit and he spent a heap of time decorating them and flying them.  When he went down for his nap, Erin and I decided to take the opportunity to duck out to the Margaret River Dairy Company cheese factory at Metricup.  We chose this cheese factory on a recommendation from my Mum, Carol Sullivan, and we were not disappointed.  The cheese was fantastic.  Their yoghurt was also really good.  Unfortunately they didn’t do a tour of the factory, but they had a heap of their cheeses out for tasting and also small cups of their yoghurt.  So Erin and I did a bit of tasting and shopping in preparation for our killer cheese platter that evening.  Our favourites were the smoked cheddar, triple cream brie, pepper cheese and our top pick was the Chilli Jam!  We also bought some pear yoghurt for Haim.

Margaret River Dairy Company, Metricup WA
Margaret River Dairy Company, Metricup WA

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Day 45 – 27th February 2018 – Walpole

We started the day with this beautiful breakfast view!  Not a bad way to start the day.

Our breakfast view today, Walpole WA
Our breakfast view today, Walpole WA

We then went for a bit of a drive around and visited the Giant Tingle Tree on the Hilltop Road drive.   We couldn’t get a photo of the biggest tree as the light was wrong and the photos we did get just didn’t do it justice.  But there were plenty of other amazing trees to see. Continue reading “Day 45 – 27th February 2018 – Walpole”

February 2018 – 26 to 28

Day 44 – 26th February 2018 – Torbay Inlet to Walpole

The pack-up went well and the two hour drive went smoothly from Torbay Inlet to Walpole.   Be aware if you are staying at Torbay Inlet that the camp fills up late in the day and gets really busy by morning.

We picked the Rest Point Holiday Village in Walpole and we are really happy with our choice!  We have views of the water and there is green grass and beautiful trees all around.  There is a boat ramp here and fish cleaning table.  There are two inlets you can explore before you reach the ocean mouth.  We did hear that a few boats have flipped going out of Wilson Inlet into the Ocean, so we will be staying in the Inlets.  They are protected from the wind and there are plenty of good fish around – Yellow Fin Whiting, King George Whiting, Black Bream (I spelled it right this time Sam!) and Trevally.  We are planning a fishing day tomorrow, so will let you know how we go. Continue reading “February 2018 – 26 to 28”

Day 41 – 23rd February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany

We had a funny/not funny moment here this morning.  I was sitting in my ‘Jetty’ (the nickname given to my big lay back stargazer chair by Col), sipping my coffee and enjoying the peaceful start to the day.  Clean washing dangled from the line above.  Just sitting and enjoying the serenity (before the Genny started).  Col was pottering around making bacon and eggs on the BBQ and doing a bit of a tidy up.  There is dark sand everywhere and we had a bit of rain overnight, so this has quickly turned to sticky mud and it was getting traipsed into the van constantly.  So Col thought he would do the right thing and whack the foot mat against the tree to clean it.  Only… he chose the one tree facing the van, the washing and me!  With one great thud against the tree, small blobs of mud went flying and splattered the washing and the van, and my face.  I even got some in my mouth hahaha.  He instantly knew he had picked the wrong tree.  Just one of those moments where I have looked at him, mouth gaping and he looked instantly sorry.  I very quickly started to laugh about it, it was a very funny moment.  Looks like I will be washing again today :) Continue reading “Day 41 – 23rd February 2018 – Torbay Inlet near Albany”