Day 107 – 30th April 2018 – Giralia Station

So we have another work offer that has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Col has been contacted by an Agency to apply for a Business Analyst Role in Darwin for 6 months. We are both conscious of the money situation as my Long Service Leave runs out at the end of June and the plan was to pick up some work in Broome, but there are no guarantees we will get work. We both feel that living and working in Darwin for a few months would be more in line with the holiday goals as it would be a totally new experience, but again we will be totally turning the holiday on it’s head if we do. Decisions!!

We decided that Col should go ahead with the application and see what happens. I am not sure how I feel about it, but am open to it. I would feel sad to miss the Kimberleys, Broome and Kulumburu! Although we couldn’t really go there without Dave, Col’s Dad, as that just wouldn’t feel right!! We had planned a trip to Kulumburu back in 2015 as it was a bucket list thing for Col to go there with his Dad but we never made it there due to road conditions and timing. It is still on the bucket list but wouldn’t feel right without Dave.

Col had noticed that someone had put bait in the freezer in the camp kitchen, but unfortunately the freezer is not working properly and it had leaked everywhere and stank! So part of my morning today when cleaning the camp kitchen was dealing with the smelly freezer.

It is another hot day here at Giralia and I noticed while cleaning the camp kitchen this morning that it was cooler in here that in the annex or the van, so we decided to relocate. We set up a camp table and chairs and the fan and Col has been working on his job application for the BA role in Darwin. We will see what happens. I have been working on updating the blog and getting it ready to upload.  Bunjil the dog came to keep us company too (Bunjil is actually a Creator Deity in Aboriginal Mythology and often depicted as a Wedge Tail Eagle, but at Giralia he is a dog).  The other little dog is called HunkaMunka (not sure of the spelling and he is not in the picture below)

Camp Kitchen Giralia Station, WA
Camp Kitchen Giralia Station, WA

I love the cutlery on the wall of the Camp Kitchen, they are about 1 metre long each.  I asked Jen who made them and she said she found them in Bunnings once!  I really do like them, not exactly sure where I would put them :)

Cutlery on the wall in the Camp Kitchen, Giralia Station WA
Cutlery on the wall in the Camp Kitchen, Giralia Station WA

We have found a spot about 20km from here on the way into Exmouth that has some good mobile coverage. So we plan to head there later this evening so we can face-time the Grandkids and call the kids. I will hopefully get a chance to upload the blog too and download some netflix episodes to watch later.

Denver came over to get us to come and see the moon rising as it was a full moon and looked huge and red close to the horizon.  It was really beautiful.  We tried to get a photo of it on the phone, but it just looked tiny and did not do it justice.  It was a magical moment standing and having a drink while watching the moon rise.

10 thoughts on “Day 107 – 30th April 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. What amazing experiences you are having. I freaked out reading about the snake bite, and the pics of the shed skins. And laughed at the (mis)adventures with the drone. The moon sounds very like what we saw in Broome (Staircase to the moon) – it is certainly stunning. Missing you heaps, and sending my love.

    1. Yes the snakes are a bit of a worry, but it is more about being vigilant and aware of your surroundings. It would be easy to get complacent after you haven’t seen any for a while.
      We haven’t seen the staircase to the moon in Broome as the times were wrong last time we were there. Hopefully this time it might work. I need to look up the dates, thanks for the reminder. Missing you too xx

  2. Hi guys great to hear about your last week of adventures with great sunsets Kris, interesting finds with the shells fossils & snake skins, yep watch out for the ones that move & the monitor lizard .
    Soon you will be inundated with tourists who will experience sparkling ammenities & u could arrange wine night & show your drone movies in there.
    Good news on Col’s job opportunity you will make the right decision follow your heart & dreams it will work out .
    We may be far but your blogs keep us near, keep going .. really look forward to them . Luv the Tree’s.
    PS Eryn & Aaron have a camper trailer now !!

    1. Thanks heaps Karen :)
      That is a great idea about wine nights and video nights, pair that up with your famous damper and it is a recipe for a great night!
      So glad you are enjoying the blogs, that makes me happy.
      Awesome news about Eryn and Aaron buying a camper trailer, yay!!! Look forward to the next camping crew session and checking it out. xx

    1. I agree Stan – definitely open to whatever happens, but it probably isn’t my preference.
      I know that wherever we go we will enjoy ourselves and have an adventure. Will be interesting to see how things unfold. xx

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