Day 117 – 10th May 2018 – Giralia Station

I met Joyce at 8am and we headed out to the Airstrip to do a 30 second run/30 second walk, which sounds a whole lot easier than it actually is, let me tell you.  I was happy with my first attempt, I did 7km in total but didn’t manage to maintain the run the whole time.   Still, happy with my first attempt.  It is a really great way to improve your fitness and get back into running so will continue with this regime.  Indya joined in today too so that was fun to have another exercise buddy join in the gang.  When we finished our run we headed up to the grassed area behind the homestead to do a yoga stretching session which was a great way to end the workout.

Well when I say that the workout ended, it doesn’t really end here haha.  We then went to work on the path we are doing between the Toilet block and the Camp Kitchen and began transplanting grass divots from the path to the grassed area.  Grass is a very precious commodity here and we didn’t want to sacrifice it without trying to save it.  So we were digging holes and replanting grass for a few hours in 39 degree heat.  I have lost my fly net too but managed to deal with the flies.  So far Col has swallowed 3 and I have swallowed zero.  I really hope I can maintain this for the rest of the trip and that I am not jinxing myself by keeping score!

Denver and Jen put on morning tea for the workers so we break and go up to the Homestead for a coffee and biscuit late morning to recover a little then head out again for a while in the afternoon.  After that was some washing and a full clean of the camp kitchen which Col helped me with.  Col and I are planning to head into Exmouth on Friday and we have had a few people through the camp so the floors were looking a little worse for wear.  He then headed over to the workshop to do some welding and fix a post on the tray of the truck while I cleaned our ensuite.  While Col was there welding he also gave Jen and Indya a lesson on how to weld so they can use it for their artwork and other jobs around the station.

And the sun sets on another amazing day at Giralia Station WA
And the sun sets on another amazing day at Giralia Station WA

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  1. Col never could keep his mouth shut haha love the photos not so keen on the exercise regime in those temperatures xxx

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