Day 72 – 26th March 2018 – Fremantle

We received a surprise phone call from our Son-in-Law, Jake Cunningham.  He has been working in London for the past 10 days and was on his way back to Adelaide with a few hour stop over in Perth airport.  He sent a message to find out where we were on our travels and we were able to pop in and see him and hang out for a while.  We thought we could buy him a beer, but when we arrived we were ushered into the Virgin lounge where Jake provided us with free drinks.  We forget he is a high flying media man.

Raegan gave us a bit of a drive around Fremantle and gave us the low down on some of the things worth seeing and doing.  Really nice to have a local’s insight.  I was surprised how big it is and there are lots of funky cafes and restaurants around.  Looking forward to exploring.

6 thoughts on “Day 72 – 26th March 2018 – Fremantle”

  1. Fremantle probably looks a lot different to when we first landed in Australia, Col, and saw our first ever Drive-In movie screen…do you remember that?

    1. That is so cool that this is where you first landed! It is huge, so we will try and get some photos for you to compare.
      Col said that he can’t remember the Drive-In move screen. I wonder if it is still here?! x

  2. Check out the “cappuccino strip” in Freo. Very easy walk from the park /waterfront where Little Creatures brewery is. Lots of nice funky cafes with local produce. I really loved Freo.

  3. This is awkward….Jake only flys Virgin Mum haha. Probably won’t make any advertisement off that post hahaha xxx

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