Day 296 – 6th November 2018 – Darwin, Dinner at Richo’s

I went for a 6.2km walk/run today.  I have found a pretty good spot where I leave the caravan park and head up Lee Point Road.  There is a good wide path along the way.  The heat makes it very interesting though!  I seem to be tolerating it ok but need to carry a bottle of water with me.  The interval running definitely helps, I don’t think I could run without stopping or I would definitely overheat.  It is already 30 degrees at 7am, so going really early doesn’t make much difference here.  The days are usually around 35C and humid.  I was hoping it might rain while I was running but that didn’t happen.

Again the usual routine of errands in the morning and study at the library in the afternoon.  It seems to be working quite well.  

Col messaged me to let me know that we had been invited to Richo’s house for dinner in the evening to help eat the Barra that he caught when we went to the mouth of the Adelaide River on Saturday.  Richo’s wife Isabel is from Ecuador and she was preparing the Barra using an authentic Ecuadorian recipe, so both Col and I were keen to experience this.  Hal and Scotty were also invited and we met there at 7.30pm.  They live in an apartment in the city and the view was great.  They were great hosts and both Col and I really enjoyed the food experience.  They had fried some pieces of the Barra and made a beautiful dipping sauce for the entree.  The main was Ceviche, which is a cold seafood soup and it was absolutely beautiful.  It was served with Plantain banana chips which you break up and put into the soup, and also rice.  There were some interesting condiments of mustard and chilli that were great too.  They had a super hot Habanero chilli but I opted to avoid that, as it is one of the 10 hottest chillis in the world.

The fish is ‘cooked’ in the citrus juices and no heat is used, the soup is an explosion of citrus flavour and the Barra is perfect in the soup as it is a really firm flesh that doesn’t fall apart.  The Plantain is a banana like fruit but it is starchy like a potato and not sweet like our bananas.  The chips were savoury and zingy and went really well with the soup along with a heap of rice.   It is a great meal for the Territory as it is cold!!  Notice the cute napkin holders in the photo below, we each had a different one, they are Ecuadorian Mountain people.

Ceviche at Richo and Isabel's, Darwin NT
Ceviche at Richo and Isabel’s, Darwin NT
Dinner at Richo and Isabel's, Darwin NT
Dinner at Richo and Isabel’s, Darwin NT

We finished the meal off eating a variety of Ecuador Chocolate for dessert.  We tried Lemongrass, Lemon Tea and Salted chocolate.  They were really interesting flavours and all in all we had a great night, a great food experience with great people.

We are already planning our next fishing trip this weekend.  The plan is to head out to Cahill’s Crossing in Kakadu.  Apparently there are more Crocs there than at Shady Camp, even though Shady has the highest concentration of Salties in Australia, you see way more of them at Cahills apparently.  I am not so keen on the land based fishing at these places, but that is the plan.  Col is super excited as it is another iconic fishing place on his bucket list.  So off to Kakadu on Saturday.

Totally off topic, I have been calling the air-conditioning mob every day, asking for a date they will install our air-conditioner.  They have stopped returning my calls now.  This is seriously driving me nuts.  I just really, really, really want to give someone a lot of money to put an air-conditioner in our van.  No-one seems to want to do it….. sigh.  Hopefully we get it before I come back to Adelaide!!!  I have my fingers crossed.

3 thoughts on “Day 296 – 6th November 2018 – Darwin, Dinner at Richo’s”

  1. So more fishing with those snappy geckos haha soooo relaxing ………I feel you pain with no Air Con thats not good.Is it one that goes on your roof or in a window ?

  2. Can you call someone else re air con? Dont be putting your toes in the water at Cahills Crossing, you pedicure may be a little extreme!! xx

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