Day 278 – 19th October 2018 – Darwin

Today I was meant to have a 7 to 3 shift back in Darwin City, so turned up and started working. someone from payroll came rushing over to say I had reached my full time hours due to stock take overtime and i needed to finish at 11am today instead.  Personally for me, yay, but for Woolworths Planogram catch up time, boo.  I now have one more week to achieve my goal but I am going back to part time next week.  not sure how this will work but I think I will come in and volunteer just to get them done hahahaha.  I will be so annoyed if it comes to my last day and there are any overdue ones.

I was meant to be going out with col to work drinks tonight but because I finished early it seemed silly to go back into the city again.  we agreed to go  to the Beachfront Hotel at Nightcliff insted.  So Col went for drinks after work and I caught a taxi to meet him at the Beachfront Hotel.  I saw the taxi drive past me while I was waiting out the front of the caravan park.  I got a call from the taxi company to see where I was and explained I was where I had said I would be, out the front of the caravan park.  The taxi driver had gone to the end of Lee Point road so turned around and came back.  Unfortunately he then went to the resort next door and not the caravan park.  I could see him but he was too far away to alert him that he was in the wrong place…..  sigh.  Another call from the taxi company and I eventually directed the taxi to me via a third party.

When I got to the pub eventually, we had a great night out.  They have live music and great food and $8 Mojitos on a Friday night (can’t get better than that!).  So we spent the evening there and enjoyed the night out very much.

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