Day 64 – 18th March 2018 – Denmark

Col worked on preparing another video today.  This is of our fishing trip at Walpole, the inlets were so beautiful.  Col accidentally snagged a stingray too, then after setting it free a much bigger stingray came up to the boat and we decided to pack up and move as we really did not want to catch that one!  It might have dragged us along for a ride I think.

We spent some time today planning where to go next and also booking our accommodation over Easter.  We both forget what day of the week it is and that Easter is fast approaching!  Hopefully we have secured somewhere to stay, we get confirmation tomorrow.

I have family in Mandurah and Freemantle, so I let them know we will be passing through in a few days time and asked if they might be keen for a catch up.  Luckily it works out that they are free and keen to catch up and  we are really looking forward to it.

7 thoughts on “Day 64 – 18th March 2018 – Denmark”

    1. I seriously thought it would feel like the longest time, but we are struggling to fit everything in. And a day around the van is a luxury. Really surprising!

  1. Fremantle is great. Abby and I loved it. Little creatures brewery is right there on the waterfront. Great seafood places and Freo jail a great day out. Love that you have no concept of days and weeks you lucky buggers !!!

    1. Thanks for the info Tania. I love going to Jails and museums (without creepy possessed dolls), so I will try and drag Col along. Col would be keen on the Little Creatures brewery for sure. We were only planning on staying a couple of nights, so will depend on time. Because it is so close to Easter we are feeling the pressure to start going up the WA coast and find a spot to camp. Will see how it pans out.
      It is a nice luxury to forget what day of the week it is, that is for sure! x

    1. Thanks Sam, I feel like I catch whiting like a 3 year old child, ha ha. But I am slowly improving. Was it in that video that the whiting jumps out of my hands and Col catches it? :) funny.

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