Day 263 – 4th October 2018 – Darwin

Worked my short shift today – yay.

I forgot to mention that the night we went out to dinner on the 26th September with Kat and Angry to Mitchell Street, when we got there I noticed a little frog clinging to the side of my car when I got out.  I inspected closer and felt pretty confident he was an escapee from the Caravan Park and I was worried that he was about to go off and have city adventures and get lost.  But there wasn’t too much I could do about it.  

We went out to dinner and when we got back to the car he was gone, and I was worried.  I opened the car door to get in and there he was, huddled up as small as he could be, patiently waiting for his lift home again.  I closed the car door, desperately hoping that I didn’t squash him and home we drove.

When we pulled up, I opened the door and there he still was.  A little frog on a big adventure.  Col gently lifted him up and relocated him to our ensuite where he has stayed ever since.  He is darker in colour than the other ensuite frogs who are almost white, but I think he likes his new digs.  Might have even got himself a girlfriend.

The tap doesn’t turn off completely but the frogs are very happy with this arrangment.

Frogdashian Escapee enjoying his new digs, Lee Point, Darwin NT
Frogdashian Escapee enjoying his new digs, Lee Point, Darwin NT

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