Day 191 – 23rd July 2018 – Darwin

Back to work.  When I got there I was told that the person I was working with was caught up training someone over at Reception and to just start on my own and she would join me.  It was interesting to work on your own and I managed to get one full apartment done in an hour so that wasn’t a bad effort as I had to get all the linen and trolley ready and definitely noticed the difference doing it all on my own.  Eventually the new girl that was being trained was sent over to help me and we did pretty well working together.

I managed to speak with Woolies during my lunch break today and found out that I did get the job :)  My first induction shift will be on Saturday 28th July and I am looking forward to it.  I let my Housekeeping supervisor know but said I was happy to do my shift on Tuesday as I knew they were busy.  So tomorrow will be my last Housekeeping shift at the resort.

I feel a bit sad about leaving this job as I have grown to enjoy it, although it is still physically challenging.  I have worked with some great people who make the time fly keeping me laughing all day.  The only issue is the fact that there is no set roster and they want me there full time and that isn’t what I am looking for.  Col and I can’t plan weekends away and it feels like we are both just working all the time.  Woolies will let me do three shifts a week and a set roster with every second weekend off and that is more in line with what I am interested in doing while in Darwin.  I may pick up another day at the Resort once I have settled in, or even thinking about doing some short courses to experience some other things while I am here.  Will see how it goes.  Woolies is happy to give me extra shifts there too if I want them.

So one more shift at the Resort and then a new start at Woolies on Saturday.

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