Day 284 – 25th October 2018 – Darwin

Today was a short shift and I was back in Health and Beauty rolling cages.  Only one more shift to go!  Nothing too eventful.

Col went for another swim this evening.  He said that the pool is surprisingly warm.  We found out that there is a pool at Nightcliff that they actually cool down.  That made us both laugh as we have heard of a pool heater but never a pool cooler.  It does make sense though when the water up here gets so warm.  We might have to visit there as things continue to heat up.

There was quite a big storm last night.  Col and I were fast asleep and then the loudest, longest clap of thunder made us both jump off the mattress in our sleep.  Seriously loud!!  This was followed by hours of thunder and lightening and rain.  I had my eyes shut and the windows up and could still see the lightening through my closed eyelids.  It was super hot and humid (still no air-con) and the fans just weren’t cutting it.  So I eventually got up to peer outside at the storm and I found that the temperature had rapidly dropped outside and it was refreshingly cool.  I figured that I couldn’t sleep as it was anyway, so I opened up the windows to watch the storm dominate the night sky.  This was a great decision.  The temperature in the van fell quickly, to the point that we dropped the fan speed down to low AND pulled on a sheet.  A sheet is never required!  I layed there watching the sky fill with lightening and felt the van shudder with the thunder.  The large drops of rain pounding on the annex cover above us.  I just love that sound.

It will be interesting times ahead though, experiencing tropical storms in a van.  It is amazing how quickly they start and stop.  It feels so weird for it to be 35 degrees and humid and then suddenly bucketing down.  Darwin life.

4 thoughts on “Day 284 – 25th October 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Great example of onomatopoeia usage (thats a library kinda word !!!)in the blog today. Fantastic description of the storm xxx

    1. Ok, I will admit it, I had to look up onomatopoeia. Nice word! and definitely a library kind of word for sure!
      Thanks Tania :) xx

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