Day 136 – 29th May 2018 – Port Hedland to Eighty Mile Beach

We got away about 9am from South Headland, Blackrock Caravan Park, and began the drive to Eighty Mile Beach.  The drive took us about 6 hours including breaks and a head wind the whole way.  I did pull up at a petrol station and a lady came over to the car to tell me that they nearly ran up the back of me when we were turning into a parking bay as there were no break lights or indicators on the trailer!  Col had a look and found that a rock had bounced up and smashed the wiring on the trailer.  Col tried for a while to fix it but in the end we decided that I would drive in front of him and communicate via the radio for turning and stopping and he would look at it further when we got to Eighty Mile.  The rest of the trip went smoothly.

We got to Eighty Mile Caravan Park about 2pm, and we were both really impressed with it.  So much grass and greenery, a really beautiful spot to stay.  There are approximately 200 sites here, but it doesn’t feel crowded.  I would definitely recommend this as a place to stop on your travels.  It is situated on a great fishing beach and just has a really great feel about it.

80 Mile Beach Caravan Park WA
80 Mile Beach Caravan Park WA
Our camp site at Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park WA
Our camp site at Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park WA


2 thoughts on “Day 136 – 29th May 2018 – Port Hedland to Eighty Mile Beach”

    1. The campgrounds were beautiful. The only criticism we would have is the number of toilets and showers to the number of campsites. There were a couple of times that Col went to the loo and they were full, and one night I got the last shower and a couple of women walked in straight after and had to wait. But on the whole we really loved the place and would definitely go back.
      They do have drinking water but I am a little picky. We generally fill our tanks for washing, cooking and showers but I buy our drinking water. Col is happy to drink pretty much anything.
      They did have a wash down area that you could wash cars, vans and boats. They also provided an air compressor to pump up your tyres and a great fish cleaning area.
      And yes they have powered sites.
      We just loved the grass, the trees and the greenery, as well as listening to the waves crashing on the beach at night. Great fishing spot too.

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