Day 229 – 31st August 2018 – Darwin

Friday night we took Dave to get Pizza at Nightcliff at the pop up restaurant.  After dinner we went to meet Kat’s family who were over visiting.  There was a big group of family, Kat’s Mum, Sisters, Partners and kids as well as friends we had met camping, Chris and Shannon.  It was a fun night starting with a few rounds of Telestrations then an impromptu family concert.  Kat and one of her sisters sang and they have beautiful voices!  There was a comedy act and the Cup Dance, all pretty entertaining.  We sat outside and chatted and laughed well into the night.  The night was held at a house that the family was renting and it was really beautiful, but wow were there some stairs!!

Day 228 – 30th August 2018 – Darwin

I was meant to have a short shift today, 10am to 2pm, but was asked to stay until 5pm which I as happy to do.

Col, Dave and I had planned to go to Mindil Markets that evening but I was pretty exhausted after work so needed to just head home and put my feet up.  Col and Dave headed to the markets and grabbed some dinner.  I just got takeaway on my way home and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Day 227 – 29th August 2018 – Darwin

Dave and I were off early this morning to go fishing at East Point Reserve.  High tide was at 8am so we planned to leave at 6.30am to get there beforehand.

Once again no luck with the land based fishing at East Point Reserve.  A beautiful spot and a fun morning but I haven’t broken the Darwin Land based fishing curse.  We have luck from the boat but no joy from the land.  Still better than working!  Looks like we will be buying our dinner again tonight. Continue reading “Day 227 – 29th August 2018 – Darwin”

Day 226 – 28th August 2018 – Darwin

Col had to work today but I had the day off.

Dave and I dropped Col off at work then took his car in to get serviced.

Dave and I chilled out in the morning and then planned to go fishing off the rocks at East Point in the afternoon.  We drove to the first place at East Point that we had been with Angry and Kat previously, but the tide was too far out to fish there. After having a look around, we decided to continue to drive around to East Point Reserve and went to check out the second spot we went fishing with Angry and Kat.  Again there wasn’t anywhere here we could fish from because of the tide. Continue reading “Day 226 – 28th August 2018 – Darwin”

Day 225 – 27th August 2018 – Darwin

Col and I had to work today.  We gave Dave Col’s car so he could go fishing and check the place out.  Unfortunately for Dave the batter went flat on the FJ!  Dave was able to get it sorted with Col and the RAA came out to replace it.  It chewed up a chunk of time though, so Dave didn’t get much fishing done unfortunately. Continue reading “Day 225 – 27th August 2018 – Darwin”

Day 224 – 26th August 2018 – Darwin

I had an 8am to 4pm shift today so left the guys to go fishing.  Dave and Col went fishing in Darwin Harbour with Hal , from Col’s work, and a friend of his.  They caught one Tricky which was a keeper and loads of Spanish Flags, a small Red Emperor and a few small Cod.  They enjoyed the day out in the boat on the water but not a particularly great fishing day as far as catches go.  They were missing their lucky charm of course :) Continue reading “Day 224 – 26th August 2018 – Darwin”

Day 223 – 25th August 2018 – Darwin, Col’s Dad arrives

Dave, Col’s Dad is arriving today so we set up the tent for him in the unpowered camp site area.  We had hoped to have him stay on our site but apparently they don’t allow it.  It is not too far a walk so not a big deal.

Col went to collect Dave just before midday and it was great to see him and catch up.  It didn’t take them long to drag out the fishing gear and start getting prepared for a fishing day on Sunday.

Col and Dave, Lee Point Village Resort, Darwin NT
Col and Dave, Lee Point Village Resort, Darwin NT

Continue reading “Day 223 – 25th August 2018 – Darwin, Col’s Dad arrives”

Day 222 – 23rd August 2018 – Darwin, Echidna

I headed into work today with a bit of a spring in my step as I believed this was my last full time shift filling in for Rory and then I had two days off and then back to part time.  I got into work early and was told that Rory was not actually getting back until Tuesday next week, sigh.  So there would be two more shifts to go after this one.  Not that big a deal.  Definitely ready for my two days off though. Continue reading “Day 222 – 23rd August 2018 – Darwin, Echidna”

Day 220 – 21st August 2018 – Darwin

Just another normal working day for us.  I am meant to start at 8am but I woke up at 5.30 and couldn’t get back to sleep.  I ended up getting up and heading in early for my shift this morning.  I thought that it might be good to use the time to get a bit of work done as you are constantly asked by people shopping where to locate items and this makes it difficult to get through your workload sometimes.  So my thought was that there would be less people shopping at that time of the morning and I might get ahead.  It didn’t quite work out that way though and I am coming to the understanding that I could stay there and work 24 hour shifts and still not get ahead.  I think I need to learn to just put in my 8 hours, take my breaks and leave on time.  Such a challenging lesson for me :)  I don’t mind doing the extra effort while filling in for Rory but my next goal is to take breaks and leave on time. Continue reading “Day 220 – 21st August 2018 – Darwin”