Day 155 – 17th June 2018 – Darwin

We took the cars, van and boat to a car wash place to try and give them a good clean.  This took us about 3 hours and a whole lot of money.  And that was just cleaning the outside only!!  That red dirt is so hard to get rid of and the issue is getting in and out of the cars you get covered in it.  This is particularly not good for Col if he is in work clothes.  I have had two permanent red spots on the back of my calves as Col’s car is really high off the ground and I kind of have to slide out of it.  Everytime I do this I wipe off the red dirt from the rock sliders on the side of his car and then walk around with my two orange calves.  Not a great look.

Col and I had a chat and decided that we are happy in the Lee Point Village Resort park and we are going to stay put.  The Receptionist had said that she might move us if we stay for 6 months, so Col and I walked around the park to see if there were any other spots that we would prefer over the one we were on, but we both decided that we liked where we were.  We spoke to Sue at Reception and she gave us the green light to stay where we are.  We got busy working out a  solution for the annex and decided on putting up just two sides at an angle, so they don’t join at the corners.  But it will give us some shade and some space to spread out.   Sue put us here because the cement slab is broken on the space behind us and we are able to use that for my car and the boat.  It is handy having them nearby and not needing to pay more for it.  This is our little camp now for the next 6 months.

Our camp at Lee Point Village Resort, Darwin NT
Our camp at Lee Point Village Resort, Darwin NT


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