Day 164 – 26th June 2018 – Darwin

I managed to survive day 2 as well.  I was surprised how well my body pulled up on day 2, now just have to hope I can still move on day 3.  It is only a 5 minute walk to work in the morning and I think it takes me a little longer to hobble back in the afternoon.  I get home and have a cold shower to bring down my body temperature then fall into a chair to consume litres of water.  So, so different to the Office I am used to.  It is good to remember that all jobs are stressful just in different ways.

Col has settled into his role now and it is ramping up for him too.  He has been told that he might have to work some weekends which will be a bit of a shock for him after being a contractor for so long.  But he is taking it in his stride.

5 thoughts on “Day 164 – 26th June 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Hello to you both glad to hear from you guys. Loved all the stories update & pictures had a few laughs too.
    Your both working very hard I must say.
    Look forwRd to the next update.
    Keep safe & enjoy
    Love Karen & Martin

    1. Hellooooooooo
      Thanks Karen, great to hear from you and hope the Trees are all doing well.
      Yes both working hard now but still enjoying being somewhere different and doing different things. Nice to have some money coming in too I must admit!

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