Day 215 – 16th August 2018 – Darwin

Well I made it to the end of my first week full time, only one more week to go!  I have learnt a lot this week and feel pretty exhausted.  Pretty sure I  have pulled every muscle in my body and am looking forward to a couple of days to rest up.  It is tricky being so new to the store and filling in for someone as I am no where near as quick as he is, but am trying to be a little patient with myself and I think overall I have done a fairly good job with limited training.  I will hopefully see an improvement next week with speed as I get my head around what I need to do when and can anticipate and plan the week a little more efficiently.  Still I have enjoyed the experience so far.

Angry and Kat contacted us to see if we wanted to go to the movies this evening as they got free tickets to see ‘The Darkest Minds’.  Both Col and I were keen, so we swung past HJs on the way for dinner, I can’t remember the last time I ate a Whopper – I forgot how good these are!!  Then we went to the cinema to meet our friends.  I looked up the movie reviews before I went in and saw that it had been given 18% on Rotten Tomatoes hahahahaha.  Good to be prepared and keep expectations low!  I find that when you expect a movie to be really bad it always exceeds your expectations and this movie was no exception.  It kept me interested and I enjoyed it overall, it was very predictable but still a good night out with friends.  Col liked it way less than me.  Don’t rush out to see this one.  It definitely didn’t deserve 18% though, harsh.  That is the end of Mudflaps and Skidmark’s movie review Darwin.

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