Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin

Still sick today, so nothing too exciting.  We did manage to go to Maccas for brekkie and then I stayed in the car while Col satisfied his shopping addiction and went to Bunnings, Jaycar and Supercheap Auto.  We also spent the day doing some goal planning which was really beneficial.

I bought my flight back home to Adelaide for Christmas!  Getting excited.  But I will be returning in November for my niece’s 18th birthday before that.  Can’t believe I will get to hug everyone in just a few weeks now!

Col was given a beautiful big Bowie Knife from Kat and Angry for his birthday.  While we were away in Katherine, Angry and Col were having a game throwing their knives at a tree but unfortunately the handle on Col’s knife broke!  He was really disappointed as it was a beautiful knife and birthday present.  So Col spent some time today repairing his birthday knife and did quite a good job.  No more throwing it at trees though.

That’s not a knife……..

Col and his Bowie Knife, Darwin NT
Col and his Bowie Knife, Darwin NT

Col has finished editing a couple of videos for your viewing pleasure too.  One is when we were catching prawns in Giralia and the other is of our stay at El Questro.  Hope you enjoy them!  His video editing skills are improving exponentially!


6 thoughts on “Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Hahahahaha I passed your comments on to Col and suggested he put a Country Music soundtrack on one of his videos, just for you Dave. He is searching for some seriously naf music now hahahahaha. xx

  1. Great job on the videos. Looking professional now. Was great to see El Questro again great memories. Thanks for the fishing spot footage, that was an area we didn’t see when we were up there.
    Agree with Dave … soundtrack not so flash so I turned sound down .. that was problematic when watching the prawn fishing …. but then had a thought …Kris should be signing Auslan in the background.. How great would that be !!

    1. I do love that place and am keen to go back with the crew in the future and camp there and have enough time to explore the place properly. So much to see and do there.
      Ha ha I like your signing idea, I am pretty rusty though. x

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