Day 229 – 31st August 2018 – Darwin

Friday night we took Dave to get Pizza at Nightcliff at the pop up restaurant.  After dinner we went to meet Kat’s family who were over visiting.  There was a big group of family, Kat’s Mum, Sisters, Partners and kids as well as friends we had met camping, Chris and Shannon.  It was a fun night starting with a few rounds of Telestrations then an impromptu family concert.  Kat and one of her sisters sang and they have beautiful voices!  There was a comedy act and the Cup Dance, all pretty entertaining.  We sat outside and chatted and laughed well into the night.  The night was held at a house that the family was renting and it was really beautiful, but wow were there some stairs!!

2 thoughts on “Day 229 – 31st August 2018 – Darwin”

    1. No, I actually get plenty of those at work still. The Staff room and printer are upstairs and I seem to need to run up and down them regularly throughout the day. But this house was a doozy. I think Dave took a photo of them so will get him to send it to me so I can update the post. There were A LOT of stairs!

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