Day 104 – 27th April 2018 – Giralia Station

There is a big stove in the camp kitchen and it was covered in grease, so we thought we would have a go at trying to clean it. Col found some CT18, a caustic solution used to wash trucks and we took the large cast iron stove top pieces outside and painted them with the CT18 then left it to sit for a couple of hours. We then hosed them off using the high pressure cleaner. It doesn’t look that much better but at least it is grease free now.

Gas Stove, Camp Kitchen, Giralia Station WA
Gas Stove, Camp Kitchen, Giralia Station WA

I had a go at cleaning the camp kitchen on my own, using the high pressure cleaner and also the petrol blower to blow the pooled water out of the room. It was kinda fun. The blower has a choke and a rip cord to start it and sounds rough and rumbly when it finally starts going, coughing and spluttering away. Anyway it kept me entertained for a while and the kitchen is sparkling and clean now.

The experience has been interesting so far at Giralia. I struggle a bit with trying to find work to do. Col can wander around and fix water leaks, top up batterys with distilled water, weld things and just generally has the skills to fix whatever he notices needs fixing. I find it a little more challenging. And it is strange that we are no longer in Tourist/Holiday mode, we are here to work for our free accommodation, so you want to contribute. It is challenging me a little. I really don’t mind working, and I like to keep busy and happy to work hard. I guess it has been hard being in limbo a bit. The place will get busier and it will be good to then start lighting the camp fire at night. We have met some interesting and nice people that have camped here so far and we are getting good information from whoever we talk to about places to visit and stay and places to avoid. The information is appreciated. I am definitely finding it more challenging than Col because he has a few more practical skills to keep himself busy with work around the station. Anyway, I am not complaining, just sharing the experience. Trying to find my place and the balance between work and holiday and finding things I can contribute to.

I think not having internet connection has had a big impact for me too. I have definitely felt the distance from home for the first time this trip. We can’t face-time here and the calls are often dropping in and out which has made communication a bit challenging. I was surprised for the first three months how connected I felt to home and I think the blog has been a big part of that. Staying in touch with everyone and the constant communication. Not having this has really challenged me and I am definitely missing my family and friends. So sending much love back home and know that I am thinking of you all.

10 thoughts on “Day 104 – 27th April 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. Feeling a little “homesick” was to be expected Kris, you did well to get through 100 days. We are all thinking of you, even talking about you all the time (good things of course), and you are never far from us as we feel you both in spirit whenever we have a gathering. Things will get a little easier I’m sure. Love you both to bits xxx

    1. Agree yes this is so true hon,we miss you when you can’t get coverage ,we feel it to ,thank god for todays technology……is the little things / bits you do that make it nice for everyone coming to stsy so pat yourself on the back girl ,your doing great xx

    2. Thanks for you support Sam, that is a really lovely message. Sending you a hug and we love you to bits too xx

  2. I as a bush camper would be very appreciative of turning up to a clean camp kitchen and toilet block. Never short sell the comforts of home and the difference that can make on a family holiday xx

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