Day 128 – 21st May 2018 – Giralia Station to Tom Price

Col and I were up early and completed the final pack up of the van.  Joyce, James and Denver came over for a cuppa and we enjoyed the last moments hanging out with these great people.  We then said our goodbyes and headed up to the Homestead to say goodbye to Jen and Indya.  We agreed to drop off some brochures for Denver to the Tourist Centres and Road Houses nearby on our travels.

With the goodbyes said and done, we headed off for the next stage of our adventure!  We both felt sad to close the gate on this part, but excited for the next stage.  So good to experience a glimpse of life on an outback Australian Station and with such great people.  It felt good to be part of a community and contributing to a common goal.  We will definitely remember this time and be grateful for the experience.  We will miss you Giralia!!

Col closing the gate for the last time at Giralia Station WA
Col closing the gate for the last time at Giralia Station WA
Leaving Giralia Station for Tom Price WA
Leaving Giralia Station for Tom Price WA

We had intended to stop at Paraburdoo overnight before heading to Karijini Gorge, but we changed our mind mid transit and decided to go to Tom Price.  We will do a shop tomorrow and fill the water tanks and gas bottles before setting up camp at Karinini for a few nights.

The drive to Tom Price took us about 7 hours with stops.  We left just before 10am and arrived just after 5pm.  The drive was beautiful with the stunning red hills of the Hammersley Range popping up, and the changing landscape.  Both Col and I were on the radios expressing appreciation of the amazing landscape.  All went well with the drive and we pulled up safely at the Tom Price Tourist Park for the night.

I would like to share that I reversed the boat quite nicely into it’s spot tonight.  I have finally worked out an easy way to reverse a trailer without doing your head in.  Here is my simple solution when reversing in a straight line (remember that I am a Learner and not a Professional but this works for me).  Forget Left hand down, right hand down, this totally does my head in especially when looking in a mirror.  Just remember when you see the trailer/van/boat in the side mirror  of the car that you are not going straight.  If you see it in your right mirror turn towards it (right) to move it away back behind the car.  If you see it in your left mirror turn left to move it away.  Don’t make big adjustments, you only need a small adjustment to get the boat back behind you again.  As I said, I am a learner, but this concept has revolutionised my driving.  I have been trying to practice a little more too and am finding that I can finally drive backwards in a straight line with the boat staying behind me, woo hoo!  Small steps!


4 thoughts on “Day 128 – 21st May 2018 – Giralia Station to Tom Price”

  1. Glad u guys enjoyed the station life. Was enjoyable to read

    Good luck on the next part. Hope to c u somewhere in the red centre or darwin, subject to work ….fingers crossed

    1. Thanks Stan, glad you enjoyed the read. It certainly was a great experience.
      Really hoping we can catch up with you guys too on the journey, that would be awesome!!

    1. Thanks Jo, it has been fun learning a new skill and trying to master it. It was frustrating me so much but something has finally clicked and I am starting to get the hang of it.

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