Day 285 – 26th October 2018 – Darwin

So today is my last shift at Woolies.  It has been a very valuable experience.  Like with all jobs I have loved parts of it and struggled through other parts.  I have met some interesting people and I have learned new skills.  After so many years in an office job and management role, it was good to get my hands dirty again and do something physically strenuous.  It was good to know that I am capable of it.  Funny how these ideas can seem easy when you think about them…. I’ll just pick up work on the road, I am happy to do anything.  But actually doing them is a little intimidating.  Am I physically capable of doing that type of work anymore?  Starting from scratch in a totally different environment in a totally different role is always intimidating.  There are different levels of intimidation.  Working as a Service Delivery Manager for Telstra is intimidating, but funnily enough, so is working at Woolies.   We all work hard to earn our money, and regardless of your pay rate or your title it is likely that you experience times of stress at work, you are faced with challenges of how to get through an unrealistic workload in an unrealistic timeframe, you work with some great people and some not so great people and you hopefully have the chance to have a laugh once in a while (eveyone needs a bit of crazy in their workplace to stay sane).

I think it was a great lesson for me to remember that work is work.  It doesn’t matter what you do, it is challenging for different reasons.  I don’t think you need to get trapped anywhere or feel obligated.  I did have to do that for a while when I was raising my children, but they have grown up now.  I have a little more freedom to take some risks.  I have realised that there is something I have loved in every job that I have done and nothing has been wasted.  So I am thankful for my time at Woolies, but also ready to leave too.

My last day went well.  Work gave me a big box of chocolates and thanked me for my efforts over the past months and everyone wished me well.  I was assured that I have a job there if I return, and I can pick up shifts if I would like to at any time.  I did the perishable markdowns, then ran cages in aisle 10 (batteries, globes, socks, toys and baby food – not my favourite), I helped with the face up (also not my favourite) and then said my goodbyes.

Col and I decided to go out for dinner to celebrate the end of the Woolies chapter and we decided on Pee Wees at the Point.  A great decision I must say.  The service was excellent, the food was delicious and their house wine was a beautiful Clare Valley Sav blanc and Shiraz.  We sat overlooking the water with a view of Darwin City.  Such a great way to end the week and the Woolies chapter.  We had heard that portion sizes were very small and it was very pricey.  It is an expensive restaurant but neither Col nor I mind paying when you get what you pay for.  We both thought the sizes were generous for an a la carte menu.  So if you are in Darwin and don’t mind spending some money then I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Col at Pee Wees at the Point, East Point Reserve, Darwin NT
Col at Pee Wees at the Point, East Point Reserve, Darwin NT
Col at Pee Wees at the Point, East Point Reserve, Darwin NT
Col at Pee Wees at the Point, East Point Reserve, Darwin NT

It is a bit of a swanky restaurant and I have to say that Col tried hard to wear his boardies and thongs there.  Using the usual “It’s Darwin!” line.  I must have given him the look as he scrubbed up pretty nicely in the end.

I have made an executive decision that we will try to go to a different restaurant each weekend while we are up here.  There are so many great places that we should really make the effort to go and check them out.  Reviews to come.

8 thoughts on “Day 285 – 26th October 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Great job Kris….guess where I am?
    Yup….I’m in Adelaide for a few days and catching up with the old crew for lunch today. Looking forward to it.
    Well said on your summation of work (regardless of where it is and what your role is).

    1. Thanks Sidds! Oh that is cool and fun, say hi to everyone from me. Pity it wasn’t next week and I could have joined you :)
      The work thing was a good reminder and experience for sure.

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