Day 147 – 9th June 2018 – The Bungle Bungles to El Questro

Col and I decided not to take my car and the boat to El Questro as there are a few creek crossings on the way in and the road can be a bit rough.  As it turned out we think it would have been ok.  But we called someone in Kununurra who was happy to store if for a few days and dropped it off on the way through.  We stopped and did a bit of shopping and other errands then headed toward the Gibb River Road.  The road is sealed up to El Questro and then there is a 16km dirt road to take to reach the station.  There were no issues for Col’s FJ Cruiser towing the van.  The unpowered sites are not allocated and you just find a place to pull up and set up within the unpowered camping area.  We found a spot and squeezed in.  It was busy the night we pulled up but then cleared out a lot the following day.

They have done up the park since we were there last in 2015 and now have new toilet and shower blocks.  The facilities themselves look nice but they have underestimated the number required and both Col and I had to line up for showers at different times.  There is also only one washing machine per block and a queue of people wanting to use them.  Generally I wouldn’t complain about this but they charge the top end price, and for that I think they could do more for their money.  But the property is beautiful and it is still a favourite place for me.  Looking forward to exploring this place a little more over the next two days.

4 thoughts on “Day 147 – 9th June 2018 – The Bungle Bungles to El Questro”

    1. We didn’t see any at El Questro. We saw some dead ones on the walks in the Bungle Bungle Gorges but no live ones in the Caravan Park this time, I am glad to report.

    1. I do love El Questro, but Col and I are trying to be really careful with the money until he starts work, so no tours for us at the moment. El Questro is just a beautiful place and I look forward to being there again.

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