Day 240 – 11th September 2018 – Darwin

I didn’t have to work today so I had a chance to catch up on some blogs and do the normal potter around the van stuff.  A beautiful and relaxing day.

Both Col and I noticed a small change in the weather at the end of August and the humidity has started to slowly increase, there are also more clouds in the sky too.  It was a subtle but noticeable change.  We have dragged out the big fan now so we can sleep, as the small USB fans are no longer cutting it.  We have also notice a sudden increase in the number of mosquitoes, midgies and flies hanging around and also the number of Cane Toads making an appearance.   We didn’t see any Cane Toads for the first couple of months and we have seen at least three in the past week.  We have been told that an effective way of killing Cane Toads is to spray them with a mix of Dettol and water!  Col tried it on one of them but not sure if it worked or not as he hopped away pretty quickly.

The build up has begun….. [insert dramatic music here]

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