Day 259 – 30th September 2018 – Darwin

Really, really, really windy today.  Again we are just having an easy day around the van.  I cooked up a mean breakfast of Cowboy Beans and scrambled eggs.  Col headed off to Bunnings to try and buy some shade cloth as the shade cloth around the shelter is pretty old and not coping in the wind.  I have been working on blogs yesterday and today.  Continue reading “Day 259 – 30th September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 258 – 29th September 2018 – Darwin

We just took it easy this weekend.

It has been really windy (and I am not talking about Col, although he has been pretty windy too)!  And the rain has started too – we have had at least 4 rainy days recently which is the first rain we have seen since being down south of WA!  It has been a while.  It has been raining during the night while we have been sleeping, but loud enough to wake us up. Continue reading “Day 258 – 29th September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 255 – 26th September 2018 – Darwin

This evening we went out with Kat and Angry for dinner to a little Italian restaurant hidden down an alley way in the city on Mitchell Street.  They make authentic Italian wood fired pizza which was very yummy.  We then headed to The Tap on Mitchell for a drink. This is a great alfesco pub/restaurant with live music playing (Dave we will take you there next time you come up!).  Continue reading “Day 255 – 26th September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 253 – 24th September 2018 – Darwin

Back to work today.  Not sure I am ready for it honestly, but feel like I have had all the time off I am comfortable with.  I hate feeling like you are putting more pressure on your Team Mates when you are sick.  I know it is part of life, but when you know that staffing is short as it is, you don’t want to contribute to it.  So back to work I go, Hi Ho Hi Ho. Continue reading “Day 253 – 24th September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin

Still sick today, so nothing too exciting.  We did manage to go to Maccas for brekkie and then I stayed in the car while Col satisfied his shopping addiction and went to Bunnings, Jaycar and Supercheap Auto.  We also spent the day doing some goal planning which was really beneficial. Continue reading “Day 251 – 22nd September 2018 – Darwin”

Day 248 – 19th September 2018 – Darwin

Today was my day off.  I did the typical things like washing and tidying up, but really tried to rest too.  I posted Haim and Connor a little present and went to the shop to get some dinner and groceries.  I also organised for the air-con man to come over and give us a quote (just a little bit excited about this!).  Will see how I am feeling tomorrow, whether or not I make it to work in the morning.