Day 271 – 12th October 2018 – Darwin

I had my short shift today so got a sleep in and didn’t have to start until 8am today, yay.  Col had a work dinner on tonight so I organised with Son my sister and Bec my sister-in-law, to get online and play ‘Overcooked 2’.  I totally love this game on the Play Station and was excited to get to play it with them.   Ebonie my niece joined in too.  It was a fun night, we had a conference call going as Son and I are not quite proper gamers with bluetooth headsets…. yet.  But I am now thinking of making this investment.  So there was a lot of yelling, bumping into each other, throwing and burning food and people randomly dropping off the edge of the playing area.  We did pretty well for our first attempt.  The second one is definitely much harder than the first.  Looking forward to more ‘Overcooked’ sessions!  Please let me know if you are a fellow PS Overcooked fan, as I would be keen to play!

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