Day 270 – 11th October 2018 – Darwin

Thurs, working with a Rep all day to complete a couple of big Planograms.  Rushed around and did the perishable markdowns as quickly as I could but the battery went flat on the printer in the middle of it…. sigh.  So ran upstairs but no-one was in the office, so ran to the Deli and found another printer so I could keep going.  No-one had done the markdowns while I was doing the stocktake so there were a huge number to get through as well.  

Finally finished then went to help the rep with a freezer planogram and then onto the gargantuan of the day… stationery!  Estimated at 9 and a half hours to complete, it actually took 15 hours including the tickets and the clean up and sorting of the deleted and overstocked items.  I started at 7am and was meant to finish at 3pm but didn’t get out of there until 5pm.

My body is seriously exhausted after the two stocktake days and this Planogram effort.  But I am pleased to see the Planograms getting back under control, it is very satisfying.

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