Day 120 – 13th May 2018 – Giralia Station

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mums out there!

I woke up feeling much better today and Col kindly made me breakfast in bed on behalf of my kids, which was very much appreciated.  I let Joyce know that I would be walking a bit later and taking it a bit easy.  After breakfast I headed out to the Airstrip and started walking it initially, but felt ok so did the run/walk for a few laps.  I did 7km in total.

The Airstrip, Giralia Station WA
The Airstrip, Giralia Station WA

During the day Jen was doing a bit of a tidy up and moved a piece of corrugated iron that was near our camp and this was underneath it.  Looked like a brown snake had shed it’s skin.  Hoping not to meet him in his new outfit!

Snake skin, Giralia Station WA
Snake skin, Giralia Station WA

That is a good segway into another toilet story that seems to be becoming my trademark.  During the night Col went to the toilet after the generators had been switched off and it was dark.  He had a torch with him and while in our ‘ensuite’ he sees a snake head pop out of a gap behind the shower and next to the toilet.  This is my worst nightmare and I am very grateful that it was Col and not me!!!!!!!  Col thinks it was a small Stimson’s Python, so not venomous but could have been fatal for me having a heart attack if I had seen it.  After my mini freak out hearing the story, Col very kindly plugged up the hole with pieces of wood to try and prevent our visitor dropping in again.  I am sure this won’t stop much, but it helps me feel a little better about the situation.  I do a thorough check of the ensuite before locking the door behind me.

The sunset was amazing on Sunday, the clouds were fairy floss pink and a plane had flown overhead so the trail it left was also a beautiful pink streak across the sky.

Sunset, Giralia Station WA
Sunset, Giralia Station WA


10 thoughts on “Day 120 – 13th May 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. Oh god that’s me tapping out of the adventure. The snake thing just scares the heck out of me. I did laugh at the snake in his new outfit !!! You are a great storyteller my friend.

    1. It is outback Australia Tania and I don’t think there is anywhere that is snake free. I still haven’t seen any and we have stayed here for a month, but Col has seen a couple and there is certainly evidence that they are around. I was surprised in Jarrahdene that I didn’t freak out about the snakes, but I was actually ok. I wouldn’t be if there was one in the dark in the toilet when I was in there. But I am pretty calm about it all surprisingly.
      Glad that you are enjoying the blog, it is great to know that people are enjoying being on the journey with us! xx

  2. Pink sunset for you mums out there what a treat. Glad your feeling better,
    Can’t say I would like to see mr snake either keep your eyes peeled wide open .
    Mmm excuse my repeated comment not sure what hsppened !

  3. Hey Kris glad you are feeling better. You will be able to pull together a sunset art exhibition when you get home. Gorgeous pics. Glad you didn’t come across either of the snakes ?

    1. Thanks Son :)
      Yes that was my plan to try and do a Giralia Station Sunset collage. Just spectacular and my favourite part of the day to go and sit and watch it. Love it.
      Yes definitely happy to leave here without seeing any snakes up close! Fingers crossed.

  4. I actually think you are becoming de-sensitised to snakes, and when you get home you can come and cuddle ours. She would love it! I am glad you’re feeling better and cant wait to see your collage. xxx

    1. I agree that I am becoming desensitised to snakes but the thought of cuddling one makes me want to vomit!!! haha. I think I could stand close by and watch you cuddle it, which is a big step forward for me :) I can definitely look at them and see their beauty and appreciate them. But still don’t want them wrapping themselves around me just yet….. baby steps x

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