7th April – Mataranka to Darwin

I have to admit that I was pretty excited to be ‘Home’ again with Col.  I was back in Adelaide for 4 months in the end and while Col visited every month, it is not the same as living together in the same state.  I had to fight the urge to rush back to Darwin and to enjoy the journey there.  But we were only four and a half hours out of Darwin and I was very ready to get home.  So another early start and on the road to enjoy the last stretch of our journey North.

Col’s Dad, Dave East, was up in Darwin visiting Col and enjoying the fishing.  He was hoping to also experience the wet season, but there wasn’t much of that this year unfortunately.  It was a very dry wet.  But still good for Dave to have some time to hang out with Col and for Col to have the company too.  We made it back to Lee Point around midday and it was awesome to be home again.  We got Sam and Steff settled into their cabin and then took them for a drive around Darwin to orientate themselves.

In the evening we headed to the Waterfront to have dinner at the mexican restaurant there called ‘Hot Tamale’.  Yummy food and I just love the atmosphere of the waterfont.  Stting outside on the deck on a warm evening, overlooking the water and watching the sun set.  Quintessential Darwin!

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