Day 156 – 18th June 2018 – Darwin

The first work day had finally arrived for Col and he put on his shiny new work shoes and off we went in the morning (I am pleased to say he didn’t wear his boardies with them this time).  I dropped him off on day one so he could work out where to park.  I was impressed that even in peak hour here the roads flow really well and it is so good sitting on 70 and 80km all the way into the city.   There were also plenty of parking spots in the city, unlike Adelaide.  He got there early and all went smoothly.

I noticed in the reception area at the caravan park a sign that they were looking for Housekeeping staff at Club Tropical Resort next door so I gave the lady a ring to enquire and she asked me to come over for an interview in the afternoon.  To cut a short story short, I left the interview with my uniform in hand and am starting next Monday.  Casual pay but likely full time hours.  It will be interesting doing a physical job again after sitting in an office for so long.  I am looking forward to that actually.  It is really surprising how much work there is up here.  I am going to have to work some weekends which puts a spanner in the works for going to do the Touristy things, especially now that Col works weekdays, but I can request weekends off when we want to go away.

I have written myself a full ‘To Do’ list for this week and started working my way through the items today.  Overall I had a full and productive day.  Was strange not being with Col as we have been together everyday for the past 6 months.  We have both commented how impressed we are that there hasn’t been much friction in that time and we work together really well.

I went to pick Col up at the end of the day from work and he had a really good first day.  He likes the people and the job is pretty similar to what he was doing working for Health in Adelaide, so overall he is feeling fairly comfortable.  We expected the pace to be a lot slower here as everyone has likely heard that ‘NT’ stands for ‘Not today, Not tomorrow, Not Tuesday, Not Thursday, Next time’ and the list goes on.  But overall on first impressions what we have seen is that people are definitely more relaxed  and less stressed but still productive and efficient.  So it will be interesting to see if this view changes over time.

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