Day 100 – 23rd April 2018 – Giralia Station

I had experienced a couple of funny shower incidents that I forgot to mention in my previous blogs.  I had walked over to the Camp Shower area where there are three showers, and picked the middle one as there is no light in there attracting bugs.  I finished my shower and stepped out into the drying/dressing area of the stall to dry off and get dressed.  I was half way through getting dressed when I felt water showering over me.  I looked up to see that the person showering in the stall next to me had the water shooting up and hitting the roof and then showering down on my dry dressing area.  Not happy Jan.  There wasn’t anywhere else I could go, so I basically got dressed under the shower then got out of the stall and tried to dry off for a second time.  I came back and told Col the story.  Well the same thing happened again on the next night, I finished drying off, I had gotten dressed and then the shower came over the top of my stall from the one next to me and I was drenched, hahaha.  I told Col about it and he agreed to have a look at it.  So today he found the problem with the leaking shower and was able to fix it, so I won’t need to have two showers a night now, thanks Col!!!  Luckily it is still over 30 degrees after the sun goes down so I was able to dry off.

Col and I decided to go and make an attempt at cleaning the camp kitchen.  We used the Karcha to give the floors a high pressure water clean, then used the rupper sweeper to sweep the water out.  We wiped down the benches and microwave and fridge etc.

I noticed John over cleaning the toilets and showers so went over  and asked him to run me through what needs to be done, so I can help him or cover for him when he is busy and he was happy to show me.  He cleaned the Guys area and I cleaned the Ladies.

Denver asked Col for a hand to assemble some new Ikea Furniture that had been purchased for the Homestead Rooms, so Col headed over to the main building to begin assembling these.

Once we were done with these tasks we headed over to the Homestead to help Indya with the website.  She is trying to set up online booking and payment services as well as redesigning the current site.  We spent a few hours there helping out and Jen made us lunch and coffees so a great afternoon.

Late afternoon Indya and Jen came over to see if Col and I would like to go Fossil hunting! We went for a drive about 5pm to another spot on Giralia Station with Jen and Indya to search for fossils! They have found dinosaur fossils and sharks teeth which the museum estimated to be between 60 and 80 million years old!! We found all sorts of amazing things, wandering around in the desert. The flies were ridiculous out there!! Should have taken my fly net, but I did survive.

Fossil Hunting Giralia Station WA
Indya Blake showing us Fossil Hunting at Giralia Station WA

The work that Col did yesterday to fix the leaking pipe seemed to have worked and he was able to fill the hole back in. We also managed a bit of relaxing time to do some cross stitch while Col worked on videos and I also updated the blog info to upload tomorrow when we go into Exmouth.  Definitely missing staying in touch with everyone through the blog.

We are both feeling better to be able to help out a bit and earn our keep.  Really enjoying getting to know the Blakes and Giralia Station.  So fun to do something completely different and unexpected like the fossil hunting.  Will get a picture of all the interesting things that we found to show you.

Col finished uploading two more videos too, one is the Nullarbor Golf Links and the other is a video on using a drill to put in your tent pegs if you are camping on hard ground.  Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Day 100 – 23rd April 2018 – Giralia Station”

  1. Wow, 100 days already and twice as many adventures. Giralia sounds like an awesome place, much bigger and busier than I had imagined. Good to hear that Col didn’t catch himself in the prawn net, although it would have made a good video moment. Love that you are able to use old skills while learning new ones, I’m guessing that’s what life on the road is all about. Fossil hunting sounds like good fun.

    1. I know! I can’t believe how quickly the time is going.
      Giralia is an awesome place and good to experience a bit of life on a station and remote living.
      Totally agree that would have made for a very funny movie – straight to the bloopers reel I think.

  2. How many people are staying there at the moment ?
    The shower mishap was hilarious, i can see it ,frustrating, your end but funny to read ,great comedy .Awesome that your handy skills are being put to good use .miss you guys xx

    1. It is pretty quiet at the station at the moment, it picks up in May apparently so we expect to see more people arriving soon. There are a few people camping down on the beach and creek camps and we have one or two campers a day in the bush camp at the moment. Apparently the Grey Nomads start moving North in May as the weather has cooled off a bit and the school holidays finished.
      The shower incident was pretty funny, especially twice in a row!
      Miss you too Jo xx

  3. Can’t believe it’s been 100 days already! Sounds like Giralia is an amazing place. The shower mishap I’m sorry to say was a funny read (though if it happened to me I would have found it frustrating).

    1. I know Kay it is crazy how fast it is going!
      Glad you had a laugh at the shower mishap, it was pretty funny :) xx

  4. & there we have it an amenity story what a crack up!
    Col & IKEA is that wise?
    Glad u feel like your earning your starting to earn your Keep it will work out. Fossilling sounds interesting.

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