Day 202 – 3rd August 2018 – Darwin

Someone in the park is selling their cover for the van, and we decided that might be a good investment as things heat up for the wet season build up.  They had the ‘Taj Mahal’ of covers that went over the van as well as the ensuite and had fake grass attached to it.  When we went to check it out it had ceiling fans and a dart board (I now really wanted this place of course) and this was one fancy caravan park shelter!  Complete indoor/outdoor living.  But they wanted a lot more money for it than we wanted to pay for a short term solution.  They mentioned that another couple in the park were thinking of buying it and selling the one that they had which was not as fancy.  We then went and checked it out.  This looked more like what we would want and the price we would want to pay.  It is only a few sites over from where we are and we both felt it would make a difference as the heat and humidity starts very soon.

So it looks like we will be moving up in the Trailer Park world, hahahaha.

3 thoughts on “Day 202 – 3rd August 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Hey Jo and Tania, we moved sites to the one with the cover on it on the Saturday 11th and pictures will be up soon. I am madly blogging to try and catch up :)

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