Day 196 – 28th July 2018 – Darwin, Woolies

Today is our Grandson, Connor’s second birthday.  We miss him very much and are sad to miss his birthday.  Wish we could bring everyone we love on the trip!  Thankful for Facetime calls and Social media which helps to feel closer to home.

Today was my first induction shift at Woolies, 10.30 to 2.30.  All went well and I was working with a really nice person, Christina.  Looking after the Health and Beauty aisle and the Baby aisle.  Nightfill people fill up the cages with the overflow products to be put out on the shelf.  You go and collect the cages from out the back then scan each product, find it on the shelf and re-stock if there is space.  At some point they will also train me on the checkouts but for now it is re-stocking the shelves.  The most challenging part is being asked every few minutes where items are in the store and that is tricky on day 1!  I will need to study this.  It is also amazing how stressed people get when shopping.  All in all it was a good first shift and I am mirroring the shifts of the person I am working with while getting trained.  So working Monday, Thursday and Sunday next week.

I am enjoying doing physical work for a change and being active while at work.  I used to enjoy that about nursing too, it is not good for your body to be sitting at a desk all day I don’t think.  It is also nice to finish your shift and walk out and that be the end of your working day.  Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed aspects of every role I have done, I am just appreciating these parts of my current role.

There is a fair bit to learn with using the product scanner and locating items.  Moving the cages around, using the cardboard bailer, monitoring and registering damaged and stolen stock are other components of the role.  It is funny learning something completely different, I do enjoy that.  I don’t like feeling like a novice though, it is good when you start to get the hang of it and feel comfortable and confident.  But it is great just to do something new, meet new people and experience a completely different work environment.

I do have ‘Woolies the Fresh Food People’ stuck in my head and I randomly sing it to Col in an annoying voice.  I don’t think he appreciates it very much, hahahaha.  Hopefully it is now stuck in your head too.

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