Day 298 – 8th November 2018 – Darwin

Normal work day for Col and Study day for me.

I have noticed at the library there are two glassed in rooms and wondered what they were for.  I asked today and was told they are quiet study rooms and anyone can use them.  I was pretty excited and headed in there to study.  The view was much nicer, overlooking a courtyard and the quiet study room certainly looked the part.  I headed in there with high hopes.  Unfortunately the guy I was sitting next to belched, coughed and sniffed his way through his study.  My quiet room hopes came crashing down around me.  I also realised there are tables and a lounge area along the side of the study room where the high school kids hang out after school.  The glass walls don’t go all the way to the ceiling, so you get to enjoy and be a part of the loud banter.  There is no escape.  I realise I am sounding very old as I write this.  I have been a Nanny for 3 years now but today I just realised I am actually sounding and acting like a Nanny too hahahahaha.  Anyway, the view was good and you get your own power and USB charging spot, so I can’t really complain.

Casuarina Library, Darwin NT
Casuarina Library, Darwin NT

In the evening I met Col at the pool to swim laps.  I did my 900m then we came home to pack up the van in preparation for the early start in the morning to drop off the van to get the air-conditioner installed.  I am sure that you guys will probably be as excited as us but for different reasons.  You will probably just be happy not to hear me whinge about how hot it is at night and not having an air-con :)  One more sleep (or lack of it).  It feels like Christmas.

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