Day 159 – 21st June 2018 – Darwin

Sorry it has been so long since I have put an update on the Blog.  We have both been flat out since arriving in Darwin and I will try not to bore you with too many day to day details.

Col found out that in Darwin Companies need to organise their own Work cover through a private Insurance Agency, as opposed to Adelaide where you go through Work Cover SA.  He had tried to do this while at work but it was proving to be way too time consuming, so I said I would give him a hand.  Seriously frustrating process.  I don’t think the insurance agencies are very interested in offering work cover and it was difficult just to get a response and a quote.  There are only a handful of Insurance Agencies that are approved to offer it too, so that limits the options significantly.  I did end up finding someone but it was not an easy process and I am pretty sure it is more expensive than SA as well as a really poor process.

There are some pretty cute birds that live in the Caravan Park, our favourites are the Beach Stone-Curlews, they are very cute.  Col feeds them potato chips which I am pretty sure are not in their diet, but they love it and come back for their nightly feed each night.  Walking almost into the Annex.  They do shreik loudly though during the night, so very cute but not very quiet!

Beach Stone Curlew at Lee Point Tourist Village, Darwin NT
Beach Stone Curlew at Lee Point Tourist Village, Darwin NT

There are also some beautiful Coloured Ibis birds that wander around as well.  On one of my walks nearby I saw quite a few Black Cockatoos with red tails.

Our neighbour Peter saw me struggling to hang up clothes on our clothes line, as it has been put up so only giants can reach it!  He kindly came over to help me fix the clothes line so I can now reach it!  Very appreciative.

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