Day 48 – 2nd March 2018 – Walpole to Northcliffe

Today we drove from Walpole to our next camp at Northcliffe, which is about an hour and 20 minute drive.  We picked a bush camp called Sid’s Campground and are both quite impressed with it.  Good value for money.  It is only $5 per person, per night for an unpowered site, or $10 per person for a powered site.  There is a hot shower (using dam water) and flushing toilets and a great communal area.  The hosts Sid and Anne are really lovely.  And there is plenty of space so you don’t feel like you are camping on top of each other.

Sid's Campground, Northcliffe WA
Sid’s Campground, Northcliffe WA

We headed over to the communal fire last night and everyone was really friendly.  It was packed.  They get both the fire as well as the pot belly stove going.  There were laser lights in the trees and a great atmosphere, we really enjoyed it.  I took the photos of the area during the day as it doesn’t show up as well at night with the fire going.

Camp Fire, Sid's Campground, Northcliffe WA
Camp Fire, Sid’s Campground, Northcliffe WA
Communal Area, Sid's Campground, Northcliffe WA
Communal Area, Sid’s Campground, Northcliffe WA

There is even a bush style phone charger for your use in the communal area.

Phone Charger Bush Syle, Sid's Campground, Northcliffe WA
Phone Charger Bush Style, Sid’s Campground, Northcliffe WA

Northcliffe is close to Pemberton and nestled amongst many National Parks, so there is much to see and do if you want to explore.  There are also many beautiful birds on the property like Blue Wrens and some Red-Tailed Black-Cockatoos.  The Blue Wrens are my favourites though, spectacular colours and they come up quite close to you.  Very cute!

Blue Wren, Sid's Campground, Northcliffe WA
Blue Wren, Sid’s Campground, Northcliffe WA

4 thoughts on “Day 48 – 2nd March 2018 – Walpole to Northcliffe”

    1. It really is Tania and I think Dave and Nige would particularly like the gatherings around the fire – the pair of ‘have-a-chats’. Sid who owns the property has been down at the fire every night and I think Dave and Nige would really like him. We need to add it to our list of places to go x

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