Day 206 – 7th August 2018 – Darwin

I had a short shift from 8am to 1pm at Woolies this morning then headed home and picked Mum up to go for lunch at ‘The Cool Spot’ in Fannie Bay.  We both enjoyed the food, coffee and view as we ate outside on the Deck.

Mum and I at The Cool Spot, Fannie Bay, Darwin NT
Mum and I at The Cool Spot, Fannie Bay, Darwin NT

There were jet planes flying overhead through our lunch and they were very, very loud.  Kind of cool, but conversations were a little challenging.  After lunch we went for a walk down to the shore to have a look around.  It is a beautiful spot.

Fannie Bay, Darwin NT
Fannie Bay, Darwin NT

Later that evening we did the Brainwaves quiz with Mum out the Adelaide Advertiser and I am pleased to say we absolutely blitzed it!  Highest score of all time for us I think.  Mum kindly brought up a whole bunch of them for us to do, muchly appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Day 206 – 7th August 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Dick Ward Drive goes straight through Fannie Bay, I kid you not. Reminds me of the Magic Far Away Tree with Dick and Fanny hahahahaha. Such juvenile humour, I love it. x

  1. Forgot to say how exiting it was to log in after work and see all your new posts …. we all hang out to catch up on your adventures xxx thanks skiddy and mcgee

    1. hahaha love it, still makes me happy to know you guys are enjoying the blogs. I enjoy writing them.
      Maybe we should open a coffee shop called the G-Spot at Fannie Bay :)

  2. Oh now stop it …. your Mum reads the blog and I don’t want to spoil the illusion I’ve created !!!
    However you could start a 2nd blog following rude place names and I reckon that will go viral !!!

    1. So true, I have tried to keep the blog PG as I don’t know who reads it but there are some funny things and videos that are not PG. Maybe I should start the MA15+ blog :) Or just keep them for the night when we are back with the crew and going through the bloopers reels :) At the start of the trip Skiddy had an identity crisis and kept introducing himself on the videos as ‘Mudflaps’ hahahahaha.

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