Day 134 – 27th May 2018 – Karijini to Port Hedland

The drive to Port Hedland from Hammersley Gorge in Karijini National Park took approximately 5 hours.  We didn’t encounter any issues during the trip and arrived mid afternoon.  We booked into the Caravan Park and then headed straight over to the Car wash to use the high pressure hose on the two cars, the van and the boat.  It wasn’t a proper clean but we just needed to try and get rid of some of the red dirt!  Everytime we touched anything we got covered.  We spent about $30 and still didn’t get to do a thorough job, but no point just yet as there is still a bit of driving to go.  My car might be a light orange instead of white by the time I get home.  I think it might be permanently stained.  I have decided not to mind though, as it will always remind me of this trip.  Embrace the red dirt!  It is kind of like confetti, you think you have cleaned it all up but you still find some more years later.

I did have a blonde moment that I should confess.  I haven’t really used the ‘do it yourself’ car wash, I always go through the laser wash at home.  So we pull up and we have limited cash, as we never carry cash.  Col gives me a quick run down of the car wash.  Put the money in, press number 7 and then it will start.  Ok cool, no worries.  I followed these instructions and washed the car as best I could, but it didn’t do a very good job at all.  When my money ran out, I went over to Col to share this with him and he looked perplexed.  He came back over and asked if I had pulled the trigger on the gun to get the high pressure?   Ummm no.  That wasn’t in the instructions given my friend.  Put money in, press number 7 and it starts, tick, tick, tick.  There was no ‘pull the trigger for high pressure’ discussion.  Hahahahahaha. So I gave it another go using the trigger on the gun and guess what, it cleans waaaaaaaaaay better :)  But due to insufficient cash we had to accept an average clean.  I may have also forgotten to wash the bikes on the roof of my car that are now both totally red and covered with dust.  Any rain and that will be washing down over my semi clean car.  Ok, so I tried!  I will only improve from here.

I have to say that I think I had the WORST shower I have possibly ever had last night.  Truly awful and nearly drove me to have a serious tantrum, I only just managed to reign it in.  There was a trickle of water coming out of the shower, either scalding hot and removing skin or freezing cold.  I was desperate for a shower and to wash my hair which is partly why we come to a caravan park and it is an exciting and significant event, haha.   Col couldn’t (or wouldn’t) put in tent pegs at the Hammersley Camp, so I had the choice of showering in full public view or doing a bowl wash inside.  I opted for the bowl wash, but my hair was in desperate need of a clean. So I packed up my shower gear and warned Col that I might be quite a while as I stood under the beautiful warm water and washed away the red dirt, but this is so far from the actual experience it isn’t even funny.  I moved through all the stages of grief, anger, denial, bargaining, depression then finally acceptance.  I stood forlornly under the dribble of scalding then freezing water trying to wash something out of my hair, I would have been happy just to remove the conditioner honestly!  Afterwards I went and checked the other showers and I think I may have picked the only really crappy one.  I will let you know tomorrow.  The Blackrock Tourist Park South Hedland is not in my top 50 I have to say.  But we are here to wash clothes and get ready for 80 mile beach.  Hopefully the washing machines are better than the showers!!!  Onwards and upwards.

6 thoughts on “Day 134 – 27th May 2018 – Karijini to Port Hedland”

  1. I’m sure all the women in the world would be feeling your dismay over that horrible shower experience Arrrrrgggg …
    Yes and thevred dust ,I’m sure we still have some ,in our car and trailer .So fine .

    1. Thanks for your empathy Jo. There is not too much that you have to do in a caravan park to keep people happy, but showers are definitely one of the basics!
      We never really got rid of the red dust after the Broome trip in 2015 and we have collected waaaaaaaay more this time around. But I wouldn’t change it x

  2. There’s an old saying about travelling the Kimberley. You can take the car out of the Kimberley, but you won’t take the Kimberley out of the car!

  3. Grrr really … a not happy jan moment to say the least. Loved the car wash read very funny!
    I washed my hair once Martin using the boxed water did the trick .
    Beautiful photos last couple of days & the colors .. out there & remote!

    1. Glad you got a laugh out of it and thanks for your empathy over the shower, very annoying.
      Expensive hair wash! But sometimes you just get desperate. Your hair would have felt amazing after that I imagine :)
      Thanks Karen, the red dirt and blue skies are awesome!

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