Day 282 – 23rd October 2018 – Darwin

I had a day off today.  I have been thinking alot about what skills would make it easy for me to get work on the road while we are travelling in the future and also something that I would enjoy doing.  So after looking into lots of courses I have decided on doing Business Administration (Medical).  This qualifies me to be a Medical Receptionist in a Doctor, Dentist or Allied Health rooms, but I think if you have these skills it would be pretty easy to get a Receptionist job anywhere.  The course can be done online and so I have signed up and this is what I will be doing in my spare time now. 

I slept in today, and by slept in I got up at 7am which is my usual start time at Woolies.  I did a heap of little jobs on my ‘To Do’ list and then I went to check out the nearest Library.  I found that there is a good one near Casuarina shopping centre which is only a 10 minute drive from here.  Such a very good decision!  As I walked through those sliding doors the beautiful rush of cool air-conditioned air wrapped it’s arms around me like a long lost friend and beckoned me inside.  It is a really good environment to study in and concentrate, you can set yourself up comfortably and work pretty much uninterrupted.  Well until 3.30pm that is.  Note to self: Do Not Go To The Library after 3.30!!!  OMG the flood gates opened and children poured into the place like a cacophony of Cockatoos.  The noise was off the charts and it was kind of funny to watch the Librarian lose her cool trying to get the kids back under control.  Hooley Dooley.

So my first Library study day went fairly well and I am pleased with the work I got done.  It is a little tricky getting back into study after so long.  You would think that after doing a degree you would have writing assignments down pat, but this is not the case.  After 20 years of not thinking about Harvard Referencing, it was a little challenging digging up these long lost concepts and dusting off the cobwebs ready for re-use.  Things have also changed since I last studied where you now reference Web Sites, Blogs, Videos etc rather than just books.  But they have a free web reference help site which is awesome.  You plug in your URL or ISBN number and it spits out the correct reference to use!  Nice!  This would have come in very handy 20 years ago, but very glad to have access to it now.

Harvard Referencing Generator

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    1. Probably because I live with a cacophony of cockatoos flying around the caravan park, so I recognised the noise as soon as I heard the kids hahahahaha. Glad you got a laugh out of it :) xx

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