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We bought our caravan and chose a trip to Bendlbey Ranges (in the Flinders Ranges) to give the van its first decent run. Once we had returned, I noticed a few stone chips on the front of the van. So I fitted a stone guard that I bought offline and thought “she’ll be right”. Wrong…

Now, the guard actual did the job – for the area it covered. The problem was that I had a suspension lift kit fitted to┬áthe car. This in effect raised the mudflaps on the car so the rocks could hit the top of the van. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this until we had driven the whole length of the Tanimi Track resulting in significant acne.

On returning on Adelaide I invested in a set of Rock Tamers.

Fitted Rock Tames
Fitted Rock Tames

I had to fit them so my rear lights were visible however, the gap above the Rock Tamers looks like they will have little effect. This is because of there is a gap under the car’s mud guards and the top of the Rock Tamer – a result of my lift kit. So, I will need a slight modification to rectify the issue. My plan at this stage is to put an additional piece of rubber on top of the horizontal bar.

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