Day 274 – 15th October 2018 – Darwin

Just a normal Monday shift at Darwin City.  The Planograms are looking much healthier now I am pleased to report.  It takes a while to work out how to modify processes effectively.  When I start something new I carry everything out to the letter of the law, but the reality is there is not enough hours in the day to work this way.  But it takes a while to work out what you can relax on and what you need to prioritise before you can juggle the work load effectively.  I have finally gotten to that point I think, which allows for better planning and time management.

Col has decided to get back into swimming so he went swimming after work today and came home pretty tired and happy.  He is a creature that desperately needs exercise in his life and is used to working out 5 or 6 times a week at the peak of the Surf Life Saving season.  He also structures his work life around this as a contractor to accommodate.  It has been interesting up here where Col has had to work long hours and he can’t get in the ocean so he is not in his normal routine.  He has worked this out and decided to prioritise swimmming in the pool.  I have felt that I get 8 hours of gym work everyday working at Woolies, so the idea of exercising after work is really not appealing.  Now that I am thinking of finishing up there I will need to get the exercise regime sorted out.  Swimming seems like a good option up here as it really is too hot to do much else.

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