Day 283 – 24th October 2018 – Darwin

Again I headed into the library to study today.  I have to confess something….. I have a thing for stationery.  Yes, there you go, I have put it out there.  I seriously LOVE it.  I have to keep myself under strict control when I go into Office Works, and could spend hours in there buying up a storm.  The pressure to find a good pen, such a tough decision with thousands of potential pens to choose from.  So I dared to go to Office Works to purchase required stationery, and I managed to control myself quite well I thought.  I left with an appropriate amount, no trolley required.  There is nothing quite like a brand new notebook and unused sparkly pens in your new trendy pencil case that is just waiting for a new chapter to begin.  I actually have a similar problem in Hardware stores, particularly Bunnings, oh and Ikea, oh and Kmart….. Ok I see the pattern here.   Funnily enough I am not actually a big shopper and don’t like the usual girly shopping things.  But there are certain shops where I can go into and convince myself I need something really random that I have lived quite happily without for 45 years.  I also need to add BCF, Anaconda and other camping shops to my dangerous shopping, do not leave on her own with a credit card list.  Fishing lures….. sigh.

Anyway, I did enjoy the Office Works shopping and I did enjoy using my new purchases in the library.  I heeded my own advice and made sure I was out of there before 3.30pm today.  It is quite amazing how many people use the library.  I thought they were a dying thing, that people don’t really go there much these days due to having internet access from home.  Not sure where I came up with that concept, maybe because I didn’t go that much any more.  But wow, there are so many people there.  I wondered if this was just Darwin, because it is so hot that people are looking for a cool, quiet and free place to just sit.   Does anyone else go to the Library these days and is it busy everywhere or is it just in Darwin?  I was really surprised.

10 thoughts on “Day 283 – 24th October 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Nah, I will leave that title with Dr. Col.
      I do enjoy studying though, as a general rule. Not the assignment writing I have to admit! And definitely not the referencing!

  1. I really only go with Hamish but they’re always busy when I’m there too. Pretty cool. Maybe they were 10 x busier before!

    1. Ha ha maybe your right! They are doing well at adapting I think, they have TechZones where they teach people how to use different devices and apps. They always have someone in there reading to the kids and lots of different speakers. It is an interesting place. I wonder if they will survive or become obselete like video stores.
      Missed your input on the blog Bear and I hope you had a great holiday adventure yourself. Welcome home xxxx

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