Day 185 – 17th July 2018 – Darwin

I got to work again with Tiff today and again she was a lot of fun.  I am starting to feel pretty exhausted and really need a break.  Club Tropical has signed a contract with a Business to house some of their staff and the first large group will arrive this week.  Work is crazy trying to get enough rooms cleaned and prepared for this onslaught on Friday.  No rosters have been given and I seriously need some days off, so I asked the Housekeeper Superviser what days I am working and what days I am off.  Apparently no days off were scheduled so I requested one and I now have Wednesday off – whoop whoop.  Bliss.  I have to be back for Thursday, Friday and Saturday as these will be the busiest.  Glad I asked as I couldn’t have done 7 days straight!  We had to work through till 4.30pm today which is a killer.  You really notice the additional hour at the end of the day.

When I got back to the van Col was there as he was able to get away from work a little earlier which made for a nice change.  Not long after getting home our neighbour Helen came over to ask if we might be interested in buying a washing machine for our laundry ensuite.  I know that Col is not keen on this but it would make life so much easier not having to walk to the communal laundry and pay $4 per load.  It is also remembering to go get it straight away so you don’t inconvenience other people too.  Then Helen said the exorbitant price her friend was asking for the washing machine…… $24 dollars.  Yep that’s right, $24.  I looked at Col and said that is totally worth it and we can just give it to someone at the end of our stay, and Col agreed.  So Helen took us over to meet Ian and Shirley and look at the washing machine.  Ian was a character and had us laughing the whole time.  He said he decided on $24 because he wants to buy a lottery ticket in the Jackpot and it costs $24 then he will be a millionaire :)  He is 83 and he and his wife have been coming up to Darwin for the winter for 17 years!!  They have decided that this year is their last trip.  You would never think this guy was in his 80s, it seems that this lifestyle is quite good for keeping yourself young and fit!

Apparently Shirley would make painted tiles that were baked in the oven and had cork backing, she is an artist, and they had a stall at the Mindil Markets one day a week for 6 months.  They made enough from that stall to keep them comfortably financial, so that is pretty impressive!  I wonder if Col can paint tiles?  I can glue the cork on the back :)

They are here until the end of August so we agreed they could keep the washing machine till they leave.   It is huge!  Shirley has to be careful reaching in or she nearly falls into it hahahaha.  $24 bucks, what a bargain :)

4 thoughts on “Day 185 – 17th July 2018 – Darwin”

  1. That is the best bargin I’ve ever heard of .Make life easier not harder i say ,good job .Pete says he hears you about working 7 in a row ,hard on feet .Happy for you to get a day off hon

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