Day 216 – 17th August 2018 – Darwin

FIRST DAY OFF WHOOP WHOOP.  Yes I am pretty happy to have a day to myself I must admit.  Not that I have planned much fun stuff, mostly errands, but still good to have some time to achieve these things.

Col and I headed to Nightcliff in the evening to catch up with Hal (one of the guys that Col works with that came fishing with us at Shady Camp) and his friend Dave who is over visiting from Perth.  We met at the pool on the shore front and the guys all got in to watch the sunset.  It was actually chilly for Darwin weather and I decided to watch the sunset from a warm and dry position while the guys all shivered in the pool.  They were only in there very briefly and we then headed down the road to a mobile pizza place.  They put tables and chairs out on the grass with fairy lights strung above and you can BYO drinks.  It was a fantastic atmosphere and the pizza was amazing.  We chatted avidly about the foreseeable issues with the future of AI technology among many other world issues that we addressed and potentially resolved, and applications that we invented.  All in all it was a great night out and we enjoyed catching up with these guys.

The Three Stooges watching the Sunset at Nightcliff Pool, Darwin NT
The Three Stooges watching the Sunset at Nightcliff Pool, Darwin NT

I know this is not the best photo in the world but it gives you an idea of the Outdoor Pizza place in Nightcliff.  Really great experience and I would encourage you to go there if you are in Darwin.

Nightcliff Mobile Pizza, Darwin NT
Nightcliff Mobile Pizza, Darwin NT

There are lots of little mobile food vans along the foreshore at Nightcliff and I would like to try some of the other ones while we are here.

6 thoughts on “Day 216 – 17th August 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Hope there was no discussion entered into relating to Bell Curves !!!
    What a lifestyle pop up pizza, warm nights, great conversation…. are you sure you’re coming back ?

    1. We give ‘Bell Curves’ a very wide berth these days, as you know.
      I really think that the Crew would love it up here as it has something for everyone, fishing, camping, hiking, 4WD, markets, shops, restaurants, amazing weather and almost no rules :)

    1. I know, there have been nights where Col and I have put on jumpers, but I am pretty sure it is probably mid 20s :) amazing how quickly you acclimatise! Such a relaxed and fun place.

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