Day 292 – 2nd November 2018 – Darwin

Again I went for another 6km walk/run today.  I think it got to 38C and humid!!  I went early in the morning to try and beat the heat, but I didn’t succeed as it is 32C by 7am most days! Still better than 38C. Boy do you sweat up here doing physical exercise.

As we still don’t have an air-conditioner and the nights are getting really uncomfortable, I decided to go out and buy different sheets and I was surprised what a difference it made.  I bought the 600 thread count cotton sheets and it has helped definitely.  Apparently if you go any higher with the thread count the sheets are too heavy and hot.  We stopped using a top sheet a few weeks ago, but the sheet underneath has helped massively.

We are going fishing tomorrow with friends of Col’s from work, so tonight was getting the boat and fishing stuff ready as it will be a very early start.  We will be up at 5am.

3 thoughts on “Day 292 – 2nd November 2018 – Darwin”

    1. I agree Jo they are good in Adelaide, but in the heat and humidity in Darwin they just feel wet and awful. Changing to the 600 count definitely helped with the sweat absorption. I think bamboo would have been even better, but a definite improvement. The lower thread count were fine up here during the dry season, but as the humidity and temperature increase you definitely notice the little things.

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