Videos 11 to 20

Video 11

The Nullarbor Plain and Bunda Cliffs, watch out for Wombats

Video 12

Rock Fishing Lucky Bay – we caught some Tommies (Herrings), a Snook and a Squid.  This video also shows you how to clean a squid.

Video 13

Scorpion in Col’s fishing shirt that ended up in the car door.

Video 14

The first of the Catch’N’Cook videos!  How to catch, clean and cook Calamari (Squid).  Enjoy!!

Video 15

Col was asked to assist Finn and Louis, who are backpackers from Germany and Denmark, to get their bogged car out of the sand.

Video 16

A compilation of all the SA camps on our Go West trip.

Video 17

CatchNCook Bream at Harry’s Rock near Bremer Bay.

Video 18

Our fishing trip at Walpole in the Nornalup Inlet and Frankland River.  We caught half a dozen good sized King George Whiting and a Flathead.  Col also managed to accidentally catch a Stingray!

Video 19

Putting tent pegs into hard ground using a drill.

Video 20

Our experience of the Nullarbor Golf Links.