Day 264 – 5th October 2018 – Darwin

Col had a work function on tonight at the Beachfront hotel at Nightcliff.  This is a great pub if you are ever in Darwin.  We found out that one of the people Col works with is a part owner in this hotel.  I was meant to finish work at 3pm but ended up working through till 5pm to try and get another Planogram done.  I have been asked to participate in stock take next week which means starting at 6am (ewwwww) on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but we should finish around 1pm or 2pm.  I will also be going to some other Woolworths shops to assist them next week and the week after, so that should be interesting.  Because of this I will have limited time to catch up on the Planograms.  It is like trying to hold sand, you think you are getting close to getting your head above water but then it slips from your reach again.

I quickly got changed after work and Col picked me up and we headed to the pub.  We were there quite late into the evening and had a great night with a fun group of poeple.  Col left his car at the pub and we taxied home at the end of the night.  They started doing rounds of shots at the end of the night and I was smart enough not to join in.  I think Col made it through 7 rounds – I only joined in on the Cowboy round!  I was impressed that Col managed to walk out of there ok and was not even slurring too badly.

4 thoughts on “Day 264 – 5th October 2018 – Darwin”

    1. No Tania, he is very precious these days with the moon, it rarely gets put on display. Col likes to remind me that ‘he is not a performing monkey’. So that was the key, you just have to WANT to see the moon and he puts it away hahahahaha. He only likes to do it for the shock value and not the appreciation value :)

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