Day 47 – 1st March 2018 – Walpole

Col and I decided to go back to the William Bay National Park today and go for a snorkel around Green’s Pool.  It was meant to be 28 degrees but it was about 24 degrees when we got down there and the water was a little chilly!  We were brave though and manged to get in and we are glad we did.  The water wasn’t as clear today as it was the other day, as it was a bit windy and rough.  But there was still enough good visibility as we snorkeled around to see everything.

We saw a couple of small schools of Trevally swimming around, and a good King George Whiting, some beautiful black and yellow stripey fish and a big stingray.  We also saw other fish that we didn’t know the name of.  It would have been amazing on a warm and still day when the water is crystal clear.  Make sure you take your snorkeling gear if you do visit.

We started a bit of the pack up at camp in preparation for leaving tomorrow.  We are going to go and stay at a place near Northcliffe for three nights and then meet Erin, Jake and Haim in Margaret River!!! Cannot wait!!

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