Day 174 – 6th July 2018 – Darwin

Another shift at Club Tropical.  They pay you with cash in envelopes and you have to line up at the end of your shift to sign for your pay and the General Manager hands them out to everyone!  I haven’t done that since Hungry Jacks days in 1986!  It made me laugh to arrive home with all this cash.  It was the weekend and I couldn’t get to a bank so I wasn’t really sure what to do with it!!  Bit of a time warp, only when I collected my money from HJs it would have been less than $100.  It really was amusing to tip out your notes and coins out of your envelope.  Col and I never really carry cash, we are so used to pays going into our accounts and using our plastic to pay for things.  Kind of weird being cashed up now.

This weekend we are going camping to Kakadu, Barramundi Gorge Maguk with Kat and Angry and the wider crew.  So Col and I did a big pack up and prepare when he got home from work.  We have been using our tent as a shed, so needed to unpack everything and collapse the tent so we could use it.  We haven’t done a lot of camping in the tent, so there was a fair bit to organise, but not such a big deal when you are only going overnight.  The group going includes Chris, Shannon, Dan, Lenny, Kat, Angry, Col and I and we were assigned to look after one meal each.  Col, Lenny and I got lunch, so I headed to the shop to make some purchases.  Oh and of course we needed a cheese platter as well.  Are you really camping if you don’t have a cheese platter for happy hour????  Leaving bright and early tomorrow morning.

5 thoughts on “Day 174 – 6th July 2018 – Darwin”

  1. Cash pay in an envelope how funny is that … yes that’s how Johnnies used to pay me, yep the 80’s
    Hope u had a pleasant camping weekend & got to have a fire too!

  2. What you talking about hahahah always cash in my purse hahah .yes it wouod be weird for you hon ,especially the coins weighting you down .
    The camp sounds so good and yes must include cheese platters always :)

  3. I started with 10 shillings cash aweek ,my camp fire was a 5ltr paint tin full of sand which we poured petrol in happy days????

    1. No way! I just did the conversion of shillings to AUD and that equates to $1.30 per week!!! Holy Moly! Amazing how quickly things change. I can’t believe that was your first campfire too – wow :) Could you burn your undies in the paint tin campfire :) x

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