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Video 1

Christies Beach, SA – Surf Ski
Col on his Surf Ski. This was the first video that was made after buying the DJI Spark Drone

Video 2

Tips and Tricks – Vaccuum Bags – how to use them when you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Instead you can use a 12V air mattress pump which will do the job.

Video 3

Tips and Tricks – Toilet Tent – A really simple technique that is quick to learn, easy to remember and will mean you never have to battle with your toilet tent again!

Video 4

Farm Beach, SA – Beach launch of the boat and fishing Farm Beach

Video 5

Fishing Boat set up

Video 6

Fishing boat leaking fuel on a hot day. The video shows what happens when you overfill your tank on a hot day.

Video 7

Cape Labatt – how not to fly your drone off a cliff in strong winds!

Video 8

Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park

Video 9

Loveday 4WD Adventure Park, Loxton camping trip.
Toyota FJ Cruiser in action.

Video 10

Battery powered Makita Chainsaw review