Day 224 – 26th August 2018 – Darwin

I had an 8am to 4pm shift today so left the guys to go fishing.  Dave and Col went fishing in Darwin Harbour with Hal , from Col’s work, and a friend of his.  They caught one Tricky which was a keeper and loads of Spanish Flags, a small Red Emperor and a few small Cod.  They enjoyed the day out in the boat on the water but not a particularly great fishing day as far as catches go.  They were missing their lucky charm of course :)

Today was the first day that I could feel a change in the weather and the humidity has increased without a doubt.  You can also see clouds starting to form in the sky which is a new thing.  The build up has begun I think.  Apparently this starts early September, so we are pretty much on schedule.  I have already started talking to Col about getting an air conditioner for the van.  We really haven’t needed it on the journey so far, but I think Darwin during the build up is a different story.

4 thoughts on “Day 224 – 26th August 2018 – Darwin”

    1. Hi Tania, part of the appeal for moving to the new site is they had anchor points in the concrete to connect your van to. We have to buy the straps, and these are attached to the anchor points to stop the van blowing away in a cyclone. It is more for the insurance than anything else, our insurance will only cover the van if it is strapped down in a caravan park during a cyclone. There are Emergency Places around Darwin to go to in the event of a cyclone and a radio station to tune in for updates. Generally the Cyclone season is from December to March and Darwin has not had that many. They did have one this year in March though. So we are learning as we go!

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