Day 277- 18th October 2018 – Darwin

Today was stocktake at Bakewell Woolworths in Palmerston, so another 5am start for me.  It is quite a big store and took a long time to get through it.  We started at 6am and didn’t finish until 3.40.  Technically I could leave at 3pm with everyone else but I feel relly bad for the small group of people left behind to try and finish up and so I decided to stay on.  You might think that it is only for 40 minutes, but when your body is hurting and you are tired, 40 minutes past your knock off time seems to go on forever.  You also don’t know when exactly it will be finishing so it is a battle of the mind.

There was a very cute dynamic that evolved over the past couple of stocktakes and I was kind of adopted by the youngies.  I really enjoyed it and it was very cute.  One of the young girls asked where I was going for lunch and then it was decided that a group of us would go to the food court.  We chatted and laughed throughout the couple of days (which is not easy when you are trying to count hahahaha), but it made the time fun.  It is nice when those age barriers disappear and you get to just enjoy people for who they are.  So I am thankful for their friendship for those couple of days, it was very sweet and made it a much more enjoyable experience overall.

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